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We are a Location rental agency for sets such as Commercials, Photo Shootings, TV Shows, Music Video Clips and Movies.



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Our mission is to inspire our clients and enhance Italian Locations on the territory and worldwide. This is why we are committed to becoming the point of contact between the world of audiovisual production and that of interior design, making available the originality and innovation of interior design to brands’ creativity

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Our story


It all began in 2005 when a young couple decided to found a small rental company for TV productions in Milan. The company was named after a Pachira, a very suggestive tropical plant particularly appreciated in the West as an apartment plant due to its braided trunk which can decorate every room it is placed in.


The name of the company also led to the idea of giving the acquired spaces plant names in order to distinguish them more easily. This is how Locations such as Biancospino, Bergamotto and Vaniglia were created. In 2008, the Menta Location became part of Pachira’s archive.


If it’s true that the first production is never forgotten, the first production for Menta Location was really special indeed. As a matter of fact, it hosted the very first edition of Rai programme ‘X-Factor’. The production liked this location so much that it decided to reuse it for the following three seasons of the talent show.


2014 was a turning point.
The owners of Menta Location are Jodie, Marvin and Liuba, a very close-knit Milanese family. After hosting different types of productions for years, they decided to take the reins of Pachira to turn this new-born passion into a business. They bought Pachira’s brand and company and turned it into a modern, agile and successful business.


Thanks to their commitment and dedication they managed to establish a strong and lasting relationship with the spaces owners. Pachira’s archive has been enriched with many new locations: today it counts over 2000 Locations in its online and offline archives. This new adventure would not have been possible without forging important partnerships with the main players on the Italian audiovisual production market like Mediaset Group, just to quote one.


Today Pachira keeps its initial motivation and enthusiasm intact and works on many future development projects whilst continuing to invest much of its profits in the business and letting itself be guided by its main engine: passion.


Il Team

Our team is our rewarding element as we believe that teamwork is essential to reach more and more ambitious goals and to create an added value for our clients. Pachira’s Team is managed according to two key values: harmony among people and passion for our work.

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